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by Humphalotte on Jul 15, 2009 at 12:47 AM
Since 2006, Ascendance went through ups and down.
From a casual guild of friends, we became one of the few remaining Pre-BC guilds.

All because we had and still have dedicated officers, fucking awesome raiders and people who gives in their 101% to this game we all love.

Here are some ol'skool pics of Ascendance with the old members.
few remain but we definitely miss them much.

Old Ascendance Album

this was our first ever 3.5 hour ZG run. hakkar lying dead behind us.

how can we forget jindo. mofo

oh yes, we did AQ. a dead ugly fat bug. buru

we were bored, hence we made a group of bears

using a bug, we entered behind the portal of stormwind. where its now the harbour

so this is where they stole the fish and pig from! from karazhan!

lol, we took pictures for netherspite and nightbane

High King and Gruuls Lair. Are you with us yet?

hump having a suntan with milao(gilth)

oh look! hump USE to top dps :x

there's so much more.
the only message behind these memories, do stay and lets continue to brave new frontiers. lets wipe and learn together.

make this your place and we shall make history once more

by Humphalotte on Jul 14, 2009 at 02:17 AM

well.. lets see
if my memory serves me right

Top Row : Vesuvius, Genecia, Milaomiloo, Humphalotte, Fishfillet, Ectruby

i cant remember the bottom. I know Tealeaves and Perrogol.
by Humphalotte on Jul 12, 2009 at 04:07 AM
We have a new rank introduced into Ascendance.

Its called the Raid Commander.

Raid Commander will be given guild repairs, and the authority to ensure smooth running of the guild raids.

They are our appointed raid leaders and will be assisting the Officers in maintaining a smooth operations for the guild. They will need to know fights, improvise the strategies and have good situational awareness for the raid.

I urge all raiders to give your co-operation and help to the new Raid Commander along with his ICs as they have been voted by the Officers.
We will continue to strive and ensure Ascendance continue to provide a good environment for this game we all enjoy.

The current raid I've attended isn't optimal. We have too many raiders shooting off instructions. I hope everyone can give the raid leaders a opportunity to grow with the guild and trust their judgement.

Appointed Raid Commanders are assisted by the Assistant Raid ICs.
Previously known as Core Raiders. They will be helping the Raid Commander to ensure a well planned Raid and members to come on time.

The Assistant Raid ICs will also be helping the Raid Commander when there are 10 mans and non official raids.


Deputy GM
Core Officer
Raid Commander **New** Nakazato + Lileath
Assistant Raid IC ** New ** Coimoet + Allyah

Thank you
by vod. on Jun 13, 2009 at 02:40 PM
So after 3 full days (in total) learning about the fight, Ascendance finally managed to down General Vezax after 3 tries yesterday!

Excellent work guys.

Now moving on the final boss of Uldar, Yogg Sarion......

by Catharsis on May 23, 2009 at 02:24 AM
Last May 18, I celebrated my fourth month in the guild.

I understand not many people keep track of how long they've been in guilds but this has become a personal peculiar habit ever since my hunter has been in a flurry of guilds that promised to be raiding-oriented but never so much as gave me a chance to raid. Truth be told, Ascendance is the first serious guild I've been a part of that actually gave me that chance. If you sense the emo-ness, rest assured this isn't a pre-/gquit post.

Understand therefore that during my first time raiding with Ascendance, I spent all day reading strats and watching Youtube videos of Naxxramas bosses. Perhaps it was performance anxiety but I remember yelling on chat the entire time reminding people what they were supposed to do without so much as thinking I'm raiding with experienced people who're so used to the instance already they can raid with their eyes closed and not use so much as a single brain cell to top the DPS charts. In retrospect, I realize how foolish I was. I also had printed-and-cut-out summarized strats for each bosses so I wouldn't fuck up.

Over time however, I understood much more than mastering my class and contributing to a raid group set on a particular goal. I also understood the social mechanics of what makes a guild keep ticking despite obstacles that bring the potential for a /gdisband. Much has changed since I joined. One proof would be Coimoet topping the DPS charts back then; now, I out-DPS him! Hah! /stroke-epeen

First and foremost, I believe that we owe much of the guild's success to Skera, our Mr. Ever Patient raid organizer, raid leader, chef, Vent-hogger, guild heartthrob, and Mispronouncer and Butcherer of Names. At some point, any guild member who begins to immerse himself or herself as an Ascendite (eek!) will know how much power Skera has over everyone in the guild (except perhaps Eddyz).

It's been a mere four months but some of the names seem too distant already when I could just as well have been raiding with and hitting on them yesterday (i.e., Katolina, Bnzai, Jien, Healbot, Adorno, Lileath, Kasillas, Daei, Yaxuan, Raerae, Scottyg, Mookiemeow, and--sorry Hump, couldn't resist--Lossol*). I'm sure the senior members know of more people.

A lot of people say Ulduar tears guilds apart but we have proven this to be false. We may not be at the top of the progression charts but we are nevertheless guaranteed the chance to keep on progressing because Ascendance is rock-solid; that is, it aims high but nevertheless remains firmly grounded (of course this will be lol-irony when people starts /gquitting tomorrow).

Next to Skera, we have ourselves to thank for making Ascendance what it is. I think the guild has survived for almost three years not because it manages to comb through any given game content but because it puts a high premium on camaraderie and companionship. This doesn't mean however that we should all sit around, braiding each other's hair infront of the Ironforge bank. Sure, there are some people in the guild who likes to show-off their inner jerks; but at the end of the day, these are lovable and adorable jerks we would still want to raid with and take off our ignore lists *cough*. I would gladly pass on loot for anyone--even the Black Drake (err, I think? But Sappy doesn't want me passing on loot so yeah, I'd still roll. Doh! Who wouldn't?)--if it serves no purpose other than to preserve the guild.

It is my fervent hope therefore that we give each other reasons to stay in the guild longer (other than giving each other gold, of course; although that works for me). For to quote Abraham Lincoln, people quit the guild not because they have a reason to leave, but because they have no more reasons to stay. :)

What about you? What are three reasons that make you want to stay in the guild? Or quit it, even? (jerk!)

*Note: The sequence of names are written in random and not according to who I like best in descending order. Apologies if I hurt anyone's pride. Although even if I did, Lossol will be last.
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