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Submitted on: Jul 31, 2009 at 11:28 PM
Race and Class
Draenei Death Knight





New Zealand

/Played: Your total time played, your /played on lvl 80. Mention time spent on alts if you had any after leveling something to 80

3 hours, am level 58, this is my new main on Frostmourne. i have a 72 Undead mage on another server "Darkspear" but fell out with RL friend and guild as it fell apart and noone is keen to raid anymore. This DK is my new main and looking to hit 80 asap.

i am also RL friends with Kichio and have seen you guys in action and am impressed with the raids on Ulduar i have witnessed.

Alts: short info about each alt and what is your plan for them

I have a 12 Shaman on this server, i intend to level him to 80 whenever i get the chance as i would like to be a healer if needed

Other: Anything else you might want to add about your character.

i am currently mining and skinning to earn money.

Playing times: (what times, and how much in avg / day) We raid on weekdays 10PM server time (Will you be able to raid at least 4 times a week at this timing?)You must be extremely honest about this

i work nights from 1.30pm to 10pm NZ time so am available to raid at the time specified (once i hit the level needed of course)

Previous online/mmorpg experiences: don’t just mention what games you played before. Go into detail on what level did you play the game, did you have guild/clan, have you been playing in an EU top guild/clan, what experiences do you have from MMO's

My mage on Darkspear is 72 and was RL friends with the old ArtOfWar creators, he tried to keep the guild running but it has just fallen apart.

Previous guilds (why you quit them etc as well) Link to its dkp page that can prove your activity / your membership, contacts from your old guild so we can verify that you didn't just e-bay.

My mage on Darkspear is 72 and was RL friends with the old ArtOfWar creators, he tried to keep the guild running but it has just fallen apart.

Ericton is the main head of ArtofWar on Darkspear. He knows my former main Moirace.

Bosses you(your guild) killed in WoTLK:

i have seen all the raids over the last week, but my main has not raided since it fell apart.

Ventrilo/Mic Usage:

Currently unavailable but will be available in the next few weeks

Connections: Do you know anyone in Ascendance that can tell us a bit about you?

i am RL friends with Kichio (Flatmates & Workmates)

Talents: Explain why you´re using the spec you are, what specs you´ve tried, and why you came to the conclusion that this specs suits you the best.

i am currently Unholy spec to level my DK but will have Frost as my main spec once i hit 80 so i can be a good tank. Will keep Unholy as my secondary spec.

Gear: We are not going to gear you up, so when you join you MUST have the best gear you could have possibly obtain so far. Talk a bit about what gear you´re aiming for and why. Where is your current equipment lacking now?

I do not expect to join ascendance and receive gear from the start, if i do get in i intend to prove myself as a raider and player before i even think about rolling on gear. at the moment i have all the starting gear a DK receive's from DK quests.

Guild: Why you want to join Ascendance, what type of guild you´re looking for, and what you´re looking for in a guild.

i am looking for a competent raiding guild who are friendly and knowledgeable so that i can enjoy WOW and raid with people who are going to know what to do in raids.

WoW: What is your goals in wow, what do you want to achieve and how long do you plan to keep playing?

My goals in wow are to become a great raider and good guildy...

Contact info: Please post some way(s) we could contact you.


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